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A heated office

A heated office

I remember as a kid, my mom drove me nuts!  When the first sign of winter arrived she made us dress like eskimos to go to school each day.  It didn’t even have to be snowing and we had to wear heavy coats and snow boots.  We would leave in the morning, get on the bus, and then sweat to death until the we got off at school.  The bus driver would have the heating system cranked to what seemed to be a hundred degrees.  I would be sitting there, in my snow pants and coat, wishing someone would open a window or something.  I thought for sure I would pass out a couple of times.  The bus would stop at school and I would rush to the front of the line to get off as quickly as possible.   Once I got older, I used to tell my mom that I wasn’t going to wear the heavy winter gear until it was cold and snowy.  She would just guilt me into it, saying that I would catch my death of cold.  As an adult, I guess I am still protesting, because I don’t wear coats at all.  I still live where winter can be brutal, however, I simply rush from my heated house, to my heated car, to my heated office.  This may sound strange to you, but when you have had to endure a sweaty, snow suited ride to school as much as I did, it all makes sense, peeling off those heavy clothes, while it is barely winter, is pure torture that you just don’t forget.


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