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This is how you control moisture

This is how you control moisture

During the Winter, I honestly do not care for how dry the indoor air becomes. As the gas furnace operates, supplying heat into the air, it also sucks out necessary moisture. The overly dry air causes all sorts of concerns, including static cling and shock. It drives me nuts when my clothes stick together and cling to me. It is severely annoying to often get a shock from the carpet, and I believe this is also dangerous to low voltage electronics. The dry air also causes frizzy hair, chapped lips, and issues with dry skin. It makes the air seem much colder, which causes me to bump up the thermostat. The gas furnace then works harder and longer, further drying the air, causing higher energy bills, and wearing out faster. I’ve done some research into the downsides of insufficient moisture in the air, and learned that it makes us more vulnerable to infection.  Respiratory infection, cold and flu, and asthma are all a greater risk during the Winter. To combat all these concerns, I hired a licensed HVAC contractor to install a humidifier directly into the air handler of our gas furnace. The humidifier targets the entire home, and allows me to adjust the level of moisture to our preference. It is a steam-style humidifier, which  uses electrodes to change water into steam and then introduce it naturally into the home. The humidifier operates independently from the gas furnace, so I can run it whenever necessary.  Since purchasing the humidifier, I have noticed a large improvement in the comfort of our home.  I’ve been able to lower the temperature control by several degrees and trim annual heating costs, without feeling cold.  


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