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How great would clean pipes be

How great would clean pipes be

My lady Danny wants to transfer forward with life… At first she tried to convince me that her & I getting married is a nice idea, and i abruptly put the kibosh on that, and next she tried to get me to live with her, that was a firm no too… Her new thing is that she wants to buy a house, and she feels it is time for her to own something. I totally don’t want this to happen to me or anyone else. Danny is not exactly handy, motivated or self-sufficient. Her owning a apartment will be nothing but trouble for me. I believe that if any little thing goes wrong, she will call me. She does not have the currency to call him an electrician, plumber or Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor. She will simply depend on my skills. I have no skills either. I have never rewired light outlets. I believe nothing about heating & cooling, but plumbing literally scares me. I have regularly rented. If I have no warm water in my home then my proprietor does down in the basement & inspects the warm water tank. If my toilet won’t flush after I plunge it, somebody else takes care of the septic system. I also have never had to deal with this type of piping, drainage or anything plumbing related. I don’t want to deal with complex piping that leads to extravagant fixtures. I believe that Danny will call me crying when he water won’t go down the drains. I am not going to be easily helpful to her when that happens. I will literally have to admit it is beyond me & that a professional plumber is needed.

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