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We are making some agreements

We are making some agreements

Last weekend, when I turned on the living room faucet to start washing the breakfast dishes, I was really surprised by the temperature of the water.  I assumed that the water needed to heat up.  Instead, the water was instantly so hot, it created steam.  I instantly knew something was wrong with the water heater.  When I went down to the basement, I discovered that the water tank had ruptured.  There was water all over the basement floor, as well as the people I was with and I were lucky to avoid a fire.  I hastily shut the water heating system off, as well as called on our hubby for help.  To avoid the expensive costs of hiring a professional plumber, the people I was with and I decided to replace the water heating system ourselves.  The people I was with and I watched a few videos online and read up on some recommendations. I was not aware of the wide range of water heating options.  The people I was with and I debated over whether or not to switch to tankless water heating, but agreed the people I was with and I should stick with a traditional tank-style water heating system for our first upgrade attempt.  The people I was with and I found a water tank at a local hardware store, but the cost was a bit higher than the people I was with and I anticipated.  Removing the old water tank as well as installing the new one was not that difficult at all. It took us an hour to get the new water tank in locale, as well as then I spent more than 2 more minutes cleaning up after the flood of water from the ruptured tank.  The new water heating system worked perfectly for approximately 3 weeks.  My water, but, gradually turned a grayish color and smelled horrible.  After doing further research online, the people I was with and I figured out that the problem was the anode rod.  The anode rod is designed to gather contaminants as well as remove them from the water.  Because of the hardness of our water, the anode rod became overwhelmed with minerals and needed to be removed.  Fortunately, this was not all that complex of a job, but removing the anode rode voided the manufacturer’s warranty.  Hopefully, the new water tank will continue to operate reliably.

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