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We should let the water leave

We should let the water leave

I absolutely hate spending the night at our guy Zach’s place. Nevertheless, he is regularly desperate to get us to come over. He says that all of us never spend the night at his place. He wants a turn hosting. Really, there is a reason none of us ever go to his place. Zach’s home is just awful. It is sinfully small and he is too cheap to spend money on quality HVAC. I’m almost always super cold in the Winter season and covered in sweat during the Summer months. I also despise going to the bathroom in his place. His bathroom fixtures are the worst. The toilet actually was seriously not installed correctly. Whatever plumber installed the toilet just didn’t test it. The toilet leans slightly. When you sit down on it, you feel as if the toilet is trying to buck you off. The sink also has more than one knob for cold and hot water. But when you use it, the sink only produces boiling hot water. Is this a hot water tank or a plumbing fixture? Either way, washing your hands with boiling hot water gets awful fast. We also regularly try not to spend the night since we seriously hate Zach’s shower. The shower head is regularly restrained up with sediment and gunk. So the water pressure is just not there. Also the soap does not lather at all and the drain in the shower clogs constantly. So all that dirty water stays right inside. I usually shower, snake the drain and then wipe the tub clean once I am done. That is just never fun. My home has quality plumbing throughout. My shower is alway wiped clean and our drainage is phenomenal. Why would he ever want to leave our place?

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