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Let’s tighten up security

Let’s tighten up security

I was doing some research the other day because our energy costs are just too high. I run my own dealership, and the bills are through the roof. I am a fairly new business and building owner, so I knew that I was doing some things wrong. I looked online and quickly found that there are ways to make sure you have a green building. One is called an Eco Building. This is complete building automation for your business. I liked that the main goal of building automation is to increase productivity as well as lower those utility bills. Did you know that a third of your utility bills is wasted due to inefficiency? Not using the building efficiently happens all of the time, but operating your business in a smart building stops this from happening. Through technology, every aspect of the building is completely taken care of. There is a lightning control system that handles all electric and power aspects on its own. There is an integrated Heating, Ventilation, and A/C control plan that handles heating and cooling needs. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C control plan comes with a smart thermostat that learns all of your behaviors then adapts to them! Also energy monitoring control is going on throughout the building where renewable energies are used and the electricity is distributed in the most efficient manner. All of this basically means every area of the building is handled by a laptop system! You can save up to 50% in utility bills. That was the phrase that has definitely caught my eye. I want an Eco Building for our new dealer. I am hoping to save a lot.

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