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Upgrading insulation improves air quality and trims heating and cooling costs

Upgrading insulation improves air quality and trims heating and cooling costs

When we bought our home, I was delighted with the high ceilings, big windows and wide open floor plan.

I quickly realized that the house was just about impossible to heat and cool.

I live in an area that is subjected to very severe weather. It’s not unusual for the temperature to dip down to twenty below zero in the winter and climb up into the triple digits during the summer months. The furnace and air conditioner carry a heavy workload. Heating and cooling makes up about half of the annual energy costs. I was spending a fortune on temperature control and yet there were drafts, hot spots and cold pockets all over the house. No matter how I adjusted the thermostat, the house was chilly during the worst of winter, and overheated throughout the summer. I had issues with airborne contaminants, humidity and unpleasant smells. Thinking that the ductwork might be to blame, I hired a local HVAC contractor to inspect the entire heating and cooling system and provide suggestions. He performed several tests to measure the thermal envelope, including a blower door test, and discovered that a lack of insulation was the problem. I worried that we’d need to tear into walls and ceilings to add necessary insulation. Instead, the contractor provided blown-in insulation, which fills existing walls without damage or disruption. The smaller particles of the insulation conform around pipes and fill in odd-shaped areas. There was no mess or bad odors, and the whole process was completed within a few hours. The improvement in comfort and cleanliness of the house has been tremendous. My energy bills are significantly lower, and there’s less wear and tear on the furnace and air conditioner. I’ve also noticed that we’re no longer disturbed by outdoor noises, such as traffic or barking dogs.


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