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I was working right through the weather

I was working right through the weather

When our fiance & I bought our home, there was a lot of labor to be done.

  • The new home is well over a hundred years seasoned & the former owners made certainly few replaces.

For the five years before the people I was with and I moved in, the new home sat empty. While the structure of the new home was in good shape, the people I was with and I needed to replace the roof, windows & doors. There were water stains on the ceilings, & the floors were badly warped. The walls were crumbling plaster & there was no insulation. One of our largest complaints was the aged oil furnace! Although the furnace was still operational, it wasn’t energy efficient. The furnace semed to run constantly, & yet the new home was often frosty. While section of the problem was genuinely leaks in the thermal envelope, the gas furnace simply couldn’t keep up. Plus, I was not scheduling our life around the delivery of fuel, & I upset about running out of oil in the middle of winter. There was also the potential hazard of an oil leak, & the furnace created unpleasant fumes. When I started researching new natural gas furnaces, I realized that the savings in energy bills would suddenly spend money for the new system. I contacted a local Heating and A/C company to inquire about converting from oil to natural gas heating. I expected the cost to be quite high, but it was reasonable, then since the people I was with and I already had access to natural gas, the conversion was not all that complicated. The convenience of a natural gas furnace is a immense improvement. The new heating unit is quiet, clean, & appealingly efficient.


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