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It’s time I move away

It’s time I move away

It must be strenuous to be a teenager.  It must be so much harder than I remember, anyway.  I have to admit, I would enjoy being a teenager today.  They get to drive vehicles that most parents cheerfully hand over. Then they are given cash for gas and whatever else they want.  I had to get a job for the gas and spending cash in order to be able to drive a vehicle that was not even my own.  A lot of the youngsters are given their own cars. But I had to buy my own car.  Once I got a job, I had to give my check directly to my father, and from there, he provided me an allowance.  He said it was for the bed, and heat, and air conditioning I used every day.  Kids today are so spoiled.  Their parents think they owe them something, when all they owe them is a nice upbringing. They also should get the ability to be independent and to be taught self discipline.  I met a young person who was still living with his father, and he was almost thirty.   He said his dad worked and made nice cash, so why should he work when he provided him everything.  He had heating and air.  He provided him a vehicle to drive, and he got to sit home all day.  She also came home and cooked and cleaned, and she provided him cash to date his girlfriend.  I just shook head, and I felt bad for him.  I would love someone who will let me live in a home with heating and air conditioning, and not need to pay a cent.  People these days need to teach our youth that need to make their own living.

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