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I run the cooling all the time

I run the cooling all the time

When I moved down south, I was not expecting the issues caused by an excess of heat and humidity. There is always an issue with mold and mildew growth in the lavatory, on window sills, and inside the a/c. When bacteria flourishes on the cooling coil, it restricts airflow through the system. When there’s less cool air supplied into the house, the a/c needs to run much longer and work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. This causes more strain on components and can lead to malfunction. It uses a lot more energy and results in higher electric bills. The apartment tends to feel hot and sticky, and every time the a/c cycles on, the harmful spores become airborne. The contamination of the indoor air conditions can be blamed for headaches, flu-like symptoms, sore throat ,and the aggravation of pollen irritations and asthma symptoms. I finally invested in a germicidal UV lamp, which was installed directly into the cooling unit. The lamp uses ultraviolet light to kill the bacteria before it gets started. This avoids using harsh chemicals to wipe the coil and saves money on maintenance. It keeps our a/c clean and running at peak capacity and efficiency levels.  With the high cost of running the cooling system for the majority of the year, I need to do everything possible to optimize operation. I am also considering the purchase of a whole-home dehumidifier to combat excess moisture and improve comfort. With stable humidity levels, I might be able to reduce the workload of the a/c.


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