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This electric bill is getting way too high

This electric bill is getting way too high

Last summer, we hosted a large backyard barbecue for our friends and family.  We rented a tent and set up a bunch of tables and chairs. We had tons of food, coolers of drinks, and welcomed everyone to use our swimming pool. Our guests only needed to enter the house to use the powder room. As I was running in and out of the house to restock the coolers, I noticed that the cooling system was genuinely struggling. I realized that the frequent opening and closing of the door was allowing hot air inside and forcing the cooling system to work much harder. I raised the temperature control setting a bit, and hoped this would take care of the problem. The next time I ventured inside, I once again heard the cooling system blasting at maximum capacity. There were a bunch of people hanging around in our family room, and someone had really lowered the temperature control setting way down. I finally just shut the cooling system off entirely. Since the outside temperature was eighty-six degrees, with truly high humidity, the house swiftly became overheated. To cool things off, somebody opened a window and propped the back door open.  This resulted in a bunch of flies and mosquitoes getting inside the house. Once everyone finally went home, we checked to make sure all windows and doors were closed, and we started the cooling system back up. It took awhile to overcome the heat, and used a tremendous amount of energy.  Because of our backyard barbecue, we paid an enormous electric bill that month.   

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