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There is non odor

There is non odor

My hubby was all over me with making sure we made our beach house safe. He wanted the residence to be safe in every aspect. The Heating and Air Conditioning, the plumbing, plus the electric. Also we had to be sure our place was free of any dangerous gas. My hubby did a test for radon plus was not satisfied with the results. Because of this, he is going nuts with getting rid of the radon in our residence. The radon levels in my opinion did not seem all that bad! You never can truly know how accurate the test is either! I just wanted to say forget it, plus live on without this headache. But my hubby wouldn’t let it go at all… He had it in his head that we would likely breathe in the radon, get lung cancer plus die… So off he went installing radon removal appliances. The cost of the radon products was overwhelming. There are a lot of things you have to acquire. He had to get ventilation fans that blow out the harmful radon gas. He had to invest in sealed sump pump covers plus air traps. Also on top of that, my hubby was messing with our plumbing. Also my hubby was messing around with our crawl spaces to be sure they were sealed respectably. He then ripped up the cement in the basement, installed piping plus redid the cement down there. My hubby was fixed on making sure everything was sealed perfectly. In the end, I’m not so sure he did it right. Our tester still reads we have the same amount of radon, and we also are out hundreds of dollars for all of the components he used.

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