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We’re gaining a lot of experience

We’re gaining a lot of experience

When my partner in addition to I found ourselves in a hotel with a casino attached to it, it absolutely wasn’t something that we had planned.  The two of us had been out on a motorcycle trip, in addition to this happened to be where we ended up for the day.  It was rather appealing inside, in addition to the room had the most upscale Heating plus Air Conditioning machine I had ever experienced.  The air quality was very close to perfection, in addition to I felt pretty much like I was breathing air from the top of a mountain, it was so incredibly fresh in addition to clean.  Neither of us had ever been in a casino, so we made our way downstairs.  We had to go through the main casino to get to the buffet for our supper.  It was kind of funny seeing columns of smoke going to the ceiling, in some areas, in addition to the air looked crystal clear in other areas of the casino.  Even though the air looked crystal clear, there was still the unpleasant aroma of cigarette smoke on the entire floor.  The two of us kept going to the diner, in addition to it was non-smoking.  The air quality was really nice just like in our room, in addition to I was very satisfied.  I overheard someone complaining because they couldn’t smoke in the eatery, in addition to I was upset about that.  I observed they had a really great ventilation system in there, even though I really didn’t love the idea of having cigarette smoke in our faces, while we were eating.  I was overjoyed it was a non-smoking area.  I told the waitress ‘thank you’ for supplying the clean air policy.  Now we needed to pass through the smoking areas to get back to our room, so we could enjoy the amazing Heating plus Air Conditioning that we already experienced before.

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