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I had a good time in high school

I had a good time in high school

I really don’t like the ocean, as well as I hate the heat.  I could never permanently live in southeastern United States, even if I do love to visit.  Those visits are entirely restricted to family only, as well as I don’t go out much.  I sit by the pool for a while, although I can’t swim, so why go in.  I’ll dangle my feet if the kids are in the pool, however if they splash me, I’ll be right back in the residence.  I actually don’t care for the heat at all.  That’s why I will never leave from the northeast.  Summer can be a bit hot at times, however we constantly have a cool and relaxing breeze, as well as the temperatures seldom get out of the eighties on our porch.  The humidity can be a bit much at times, however with the use of our A/C, we never actually mind it.  When I visit my family, even though they survive in the heat because of their A/C, I am still not comfortable staying there.  There is constantly a presence of that awful humidity, as well as just the scent of the ocean air really makes me nauseous.  They often say that I will change my mind when I get older, although I truly doubt it.  As long as I can live by myself, as well as my husband is there to help me out, we will live on top of our lovely mountain.  We keep up the service on our heating as well as A/C, as well as every one of us have absolute comfort in our residence.  They can keep the heat as well as humidity of the southeast, as well as I will keep the cool, as well as freezing temperatures of the northeast.  My A/C works so much better than theirs.

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